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• NASCAR is the #1 sport in brand loyalty in the US. Fans are 3 times as likely as non-fans to try and purchase NASCAR sponsors’ products and services.

• NASCAR is the #1 spectator sport in the US, with 17 of the 20 most attended sporting events in the US and an average of nearly 120,000 spectators at each NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event.

• NASCAR is the #2 rated regular-season sport on US television and is broadcast in over 150 countries in 20 languages.

• NASCAR sanctions more than 1,200 races at 100 tracks in more than 30 US states, as well as Canada and Mexico.

• NASCAR has 3 national racing series, 4 regional racing series, a local racing series with over 50 participating tracks throughout North America, and 2 international racing series.

• More Fortune 500 companies rely on NASCAR to build their brand than any other sport.

• NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events typically add $100-$200 million to local and regional economies.

• 1 of 2 NASCAR fans say that during tough economic times, they will continue to support NASCAR sponsors more than other brands because of the sponsors’ commitment to the sport.

• 1 of 2 NASCAR fans say they support NASCAR sponsors more than they support sponsors of other sports.

• Nearly two-thirds of Avid Fans 18-34 say they are more interested in telling others about NASCAR than they were a year ago. (Taylor 2013 Consumer Engagement Survey: NASCAR Fans)


Based in Statesville, North Carolina, Swan Racing is a privately funded motorsports entity that competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Formerly managed by Inception Motorsports, the team is now owned and operated by Brandon Davis, CEO of Swan Energy.

Born and raised in western Oklahoma and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Davis propelled himself through ranks of various oil companies, bringing decades of business success to the NASCAR world. Swan Energy has benefited from Davis’ “working man’s” approach to business, and the company has grown over 500% under his direction.

As the owner of Swan Racing Company, Davis brings his proven business acumen to the NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series by implementing a non-traditional business model for sponsorship. Designed for success, Swan Racing’s approach will provide partners of all levels the opportunity to experience, benefit, and thrive from the #1 motorsports platform in the US.