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Future Star Racing / Wings & Wheels

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Future Star Racing is the first of it’s kind organization in motorsports. The team was founded by Mark and Alora McAlister of Indianapolis, Indiana. The McAlisiter’s are the founders of the Big Red Liquor Store chain in Indiana, which is the largest privately owned package liquor store chain in Indiana. 


The McAlister’s have always had a great love of of racing and they have seen how very difficult it is for young talented racing drivers to get a fair start in racing without any financial backing. It was their dream to be able to help well qualified, but under financed and diverse, young drivers get a proper and professional chance to prove themselves with a fully funded first class team. The McAlisters founded a new 501C3 not for profit foundation named the "Wings and Wheels Foundation." 


The purpose of the Wings and Wheels Foundation, which was entirely and significantly funded by the McAlisters, is to provide the funding for Future Star Racing to have two team drivers racing in separate series.


An alliance has been formed with Sarah Fisher and Andy O’Gara of Fisher Hartman Racing to manage all the racing activities and maintain the race cars. In addition, Sarah Fisher and two time Indianapolis 500 Winner, Al Unser, Jr., will be working with the two drivers, Chloe Chambers and Ernie Francis, Jr., on coaching and helping with the various race set ups at the many different venues that Future Star Racing with be racing at.


Future Star Racing and the Wing and Wheels Foundation, with the great generosity of Mark and Alora McAlister, is now making the racing dreams of two very talented racing drivers come true with out the stress and burden of having to secure sponsorship dollars in order to race. This is the only organization offering these incredible benefits to deserving to young “Future Stars”.

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