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Rob Radmann, 18 years old and a High School Senior. Rob has a current 4.5GPA and is already taking college level courses. Rob has been accepted to IUPUI Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis, in the Motorsports engineering program and has also been accepted into the Honors College at IUPUI. Rob is looking to train in motorsports driving and motorsports education both in the US and in the UK as a part of the Honors program in the upcoming college career. The program in motorsports often includes an internship abroad with companies like Mercedes Benz or McLaren as well as possible internships with Indy Race teams or Car manufacturers such as Dallara Indy Car Factory located just minutes from the college. This program has successfully placed alumni in programs with professional race teams, automobile manufacturers and more. The program entails a 4 plus 1 program. The 4-year bachelor’s degree in Motorsports Engineering and a 5th year to obtain a master’s in mechanical engineering. Rob intends to do the full program.
Rob’s interest in racing has come from an already well-developed open wheel race driving background. Starting in Karting at the age of 10 and winning several championships and earning the rank of number 1 in the US by Briggs and Stratton, he rose quickly through the ranks. Rob was also the youngest to get his wheel-to-wheel road race license at the age of 14 in the MCSCC also recognized by SCCA and NASA. (It should be noted that dirt oval and asphalt oval does not require professional schooling or licensing at the entry level.) This season alone Rob drove in several series including qualifying for the 2020 SCCA Runoffs. This included racing and winning both days at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama. Rob also ran the SVRA series and national championship at COTA. As the overall highlight for the season Rob won the Championship in the Midwest Council of Sport Cars in the Formula A series. As the SCCA said during the 2020 Runoffs “the Fastest Class” and “most prestigious” series out there. Or as SVRA said at the Mid-Ohio race in 2020 “these drivers are unlike other armature spots competitors. These guys must be as skilled as the pro drivers to drive the same professional level cars”. With his experience in both sprint racing and endurance racing he has hundreds of hours of seat time allowing him to hold track records at different tracks in different series over the last 3 years. In 2020 alone Rob holds a MCSCC Track record in Formula A at Blackhawk Farms raceway setting the bar in July and then breaking his own record 4 times in one race when he won the season finale as the Formula Atlantic Champion for 2020. The same weekend Rob was driving an endurance race in Wisconsin at Road America and set the all-time Champ Car fastest speed and Champ Car track record at Road America even with an exploded rear differential and broken front shock, to take an overall 3rd place finish over 2 days and 16 hours of racing.  Rob not only set these records but even went from 37th to 1st in 6 laps on day one.
Robs personal interests in what little time he has, include practicing racing on the SIM with his friends around the world, Playing the 3 different styles of saxophones and bass clarinet, Spending time on the lake in summer with friends on the pontoon boat, Snow Boarding, Snowmobiling, Karting, working on his daily driver, playing with the dogs, and spending time doing all of this with his Girlfriend.
The 2021 season has a huge goal to run the Formula Race Promotions or FRP Formula Atlantic Championship series across the country. That series is also is a part of USAC. That series along with The SCCA Majors at Road America, and the SCCA Runoffs at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in fall is a second-high level plan for 2021. In between time he hopes to run several SVRA events in the Formula Atlantic at Road America and several Endurance race series events if time permits.
These programs in 2021 are in preparation for the 2022 season to get to drive an Indy Lights and IMSA series car in several major events across the country with larger teams. The long-term future is to earn a living driving for a major race team while providing them the expertise of his education and knowledge of engineering, design, software data analysis, aerodynamics and more that his education will provide in theoretical understanding and his seat time for real world experience all to allow him to team up with the team principle and chief engineer to develop advanced handling, faster, and future looking technological innovation in the race world. Think the Mercedes F1 “DAS” steering innovation.

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