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Casey has done a lot of racing - from Stockton, CA to South Garda, Italy since turning his first laps in a Kid Kart, back in 2015. No stranger to the podium, he loves the speed, intensity & competition, and would like to make it to the professional ranks one day. Casey is a polite & engaging kid, an honor student and, like a lot of other young people in this sport, unusually composed and mature for his age. He also enjoys playing the saxophone,
tennis, and physical fitness in general.

Casey got his first taste of driving on a major automotive circuit when he drove his dad’s 944 during an HPDE at Laguna Seca, in December of 2023. Although not actually racing, he found it a lot more enjoyable than learning stick shift in empty parking lots.
While earning his SCCA Competition License the following February, on a rainy Thunderhill course, Casey confirmed what he’d begun to suspect a few weeks earlier in the Porsche.

As one of the youngest competitors in the 100cc ROK VLR Senior class, at only 14, Casey’s goal is to focus on winning the 2024 Class Championship at Sonoma as well as testing in a 125cc Shifter Kart and getting into SCCA Spec Miata events.

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