Matt Beebe / Brand Leader of Diabetes Care at Eli Lilly

“Working directly with Pegasus Marketing Group was my first experience in motorsports and it was to great to be able to learn from the best. Pegasus really focused on the objective of exceeding sponsor expectations. Partnering with Pegasus will provide unsurpassed access to marketing channels through racing. In addition, Pegasus will generate tremendous marketing opportunities through their partners and contacts in numerous industries. They have consistently exceed my expectations”

Jim Lamie / Former Director of Gillette Corporate Marketing

“Over the years, Pegasus has built a world class organization dedicated to helping sponsors build their brands. A team sponsorship provides an ideal marketing platform for performance driven brands to win “on-track”, at the retail level, and with racing fans themselves”

Chuck Kosich / former VP of Worldwide Marketing and Advertising at Texaco

“The Texaco Havoline Sponsorship with Pegasus was a text book example of a company using sponsorship to build brands, increase business, reward employees and develop positive government relationships. It started with research that indicated Texaco fuels and premium motor oil were not perceived by end users as "performing " on par with competition. This was very alarming since the products actually tested higher in performance than competing brands. To solve the problem, as VP of worldwide marketing and advertising, I lead the team of marketing, sales and PR departments to prove the performance of System 3 Gasoline and Havoline Motor Oil through sponsoring a championship racing team. The strategy was based on the platform...if Texaco products are preferred by professional teams and drivers, consumers can be assured of the performance in their cars and trucks. The great news...market share of motor fuels and premium motor oil increased significantly.”

Frank Miller / former VP of U.S. Public and Government Affairs at Texaco

“I can say without hesitation, that from my perspective, the sponsorship through Pegasus provided Texaco with the most flexible overall program the company ever had in reaching those organizations and people in the U.S. responsible for the activities for which I was held accountable. When you couple that with the attention grabbing excitement of TV advertising and "point of sales" activities at Texaco's stations, we had a multi faceted winner in every respect with the sponsorship. Finally, it is essential to note that one of the most important ingredients in the overall success of the sponsorship was the caliber of the people associated with Pegasus. Never have I worked with more professional and helpful people than I did with Pegasus.”