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Andre Lafond is an African American racing driver, racing with Low Dempsey Racing in the 2021 BRSCC Formula Ford Championship.

Starting in 2018, the New Jersey native has not slowed down. Lafond is 100% focused on progressing his racing. An all around athlete, Lafond is currently active in martial arts and leverages his discipline / focus while competing on the track. Lafond’s approach to racing is analytical making him a fierce and fair competitor. He is at home on the track and aspires to progress to the highest levels of motorsports.  

This past January Andre concluded a very successful test with Team Pelfrey in a F1600 car. Despite missing 2 sessions due to engine issues, Andre managed to clock in over 200 laps in two days, more than any other driver in the test. Given that this was his first time in a F1600 car, Andre was pleasantly surprised when Geoff Bushor (Team Manager) expressed his confidence that he could run at the front and compete for podiums straight away. Unfortunately the final seat on the team was taken shortly after the test. So Geoff Bushor of Team Pelfrey recommended Andre to Andy Low of Low Dempsey Racing in the U.K. A Formula Ford team competing in the British Nationals. Andre was accepted by the team shortly thereafter. But in order to race in the U.K. Andre needed to do five FIA-ACCUS sanctioned races to get the FIA license necessary to compete overseas. The best way forward was to race Spec Miata at the SCCA Majors. Despite learning how to drive stick on the practice day before the race, Andre was top 20 in his first race weekend. The second race weekend, taking place at Eagles Canyon Raceway in Texas, Andre finished 14th in a 41 car Field. Thus completing all the needed races as he ran 2 classes in the first weekend. After completing the mandatory quarantine in the U.K. Andre completed a very successful test at Donington Park with Low Dempsey Racing. Showing strong pace in the test, despite it being Andre’s first time driving the car in the dry.

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